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tom daley - morning stretch

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Tom Daley

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Like this if you’re a gay guy lol

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hello guys I just wanted to say that (for whoever may have read that post) though I can rid my mind of things that have happened I can get rid of the things/people that make me uncomfortable so I’ve decided that i’m going to speak to the person once school rolls around and things will go from there. I just want to enjoy my summer break & be away from things that bother me for now so yeah

and thank you to all who sent me messages/even read that post. the day  after i posted that i noticed my hit count went up/there were people on my blog when i posted it meaning some of you actually took the time to read that post and even if you didn’t send me a message knowing that there are people who actually care enough to read something regarding how i’m feeling like absolute shit means a lot 

i’m always here for you guys. I know I don’t really use this blog often but I just wanted to say that if you guys ever want to talk, no matter how little or big the subject is, i am always here. if you want another outlet to talk on (eg KIK or something haha) just send me a message and i’d be happy to :) tumblr is a very supportive community and I want to be here for you guys if you need someone because even though I may be just a stranger on the internet i will try my very best to help any of you out or even just talk for fun :)

this is a sideblog and i’m always on my main blog ( if you wanted to know) so i’m literally always on here if you need me

thank you again guys it really means a lot to me i love you all <3

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#sorry this got long haha #i just wanted to express my feelings

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