hello guys I just wanted to say that (for whoever may have read that post) though I can rid my mind of things that have happened I can get rid of the things/people that make me uncomfortable so I’ve decided that i’m going to speak to the person once school rolls around and things will go from there. I just want to enjoy my summer break & be away from things that bother me for now so yeah

and thank you to all who sent me messages/even read that post. the day  after i posted that i noticed my hit count went up/there were people on my blog when i posted it meaning some of you actually took the time to read that post and even if you didn’t send me a message knowing that there are people who actually care enough to read something regarding how i’m feeling like absolute shit means a lot 

i’m always here for you guys. I know I don’t really use this blog often but I just wanted to say that if you guys ever want to talk, no matter how little or big the subject is, i am always here. if you want another outlet to talk on (eg KIK or something haha) just send me a message and i’d be happy to :) tumblr is a very supportive community and I want to be here for you guys if you need someone because even though I may be just a stranger on the internet i will try my very best to help any of you out or even just talk for fun :)

this is a sideblog and i’m always on my main blog (calums5sos.tumblr.com if you wanted to know) so i’m literally always on here if you need me

thank you again guys it really means a lot to me i love you all <3

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#sorry this got long haha #i just wanted to express my feelings

Anonymous asked:
Hey it's the same anon here again, are you okay? I'm really kinda worried since you didn't answer last time so yeah :((

hello yes i am here i’m really sorry I actually didn’t see your messages until today because for some reason tumblr didn’t notify me?? but i did see them and like i said thank you so much again for your kind & honest words, they brought a smile to my face and made me feel relived in some ways regarding the situation

but yes I am okay I mean sometimes i still do have the thoughts that really haunt/scare me and make me feel disgusted but they aren’t as viscious as they were when i first made that post

I wish I could thank you personally while you’re off anon but if you don’t feel comfortable with that then obvious that is completely fine :) it just really means a lot that you messaged me even though i don’t really use this blog/talk to people who follow me anymore and knowing that someone cared enough to send me a message to help me means so much

thank you for caring and if you need me I’m always here (and i will be sure to check my messages even if I do not get a notification haha :)) <3

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Anonymous asked:
(cont) You have to forgive yourself before you can truly start to face things with your friend. Take some time to yourself to figure out your emotions and thoughts in a calm and rational manner, list them out if you need to. Once this is done you'll feel a million times better, I promise. As for your friend, I'd suggest that you let him know that you need some space for a while after what happened, he'll understand. Stay strong dearie, and I'm always here for you :)) <3 H

thank you so so much i didn’t think anyone was going to reply to that message it just felt really good letting everything out because it’s been eating at me for the longest time; it means so much to me that you sent me this and even though you are on anon if you ever feel like you need someone i will be here for you too :) <3

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Hey dear I read your post and I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for everything that you had to go through. I can totally identify with you liking another person for a long time despite never actually talking to them, and I want to let you know that your feelings are completely valid. I think what you have to understand is that we are all human, and the human condition is to crave acceptance and gratification. It was natural that you felt that way and that led to things with your friend. (cont)

thank you so much

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i need help desperately please please someone help me or leave sometnig in m yask i cant do htis….

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Hey, it’s about 2 years until Rio 2016 ;)
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